A unique meeting in 2018


Launched during the 4 Hours of Spa Classic last summer, the revision of the technical regulations of the European Classic Series is still pending. The subject is tricky and affects all endurance championships reserved for classic bikes. Final objective: to reduce costs and allow a greater number of amateur teams to participate without affecting the more professional teams.

To do this, the organizers of the European Classic Series have opted for a transition year, to return in 2019 with a completed set of regulations, which will delight all regulars of the ECS, and which will convince other riders to join them.

For 2018, only one event is maintained: the 4 Hours of Spa Classic, which will still take place in the prestigious setting of the Bikers'Classics (June 29-30 and July 1), but according to a new formula of 2 times 2 hours of race in daylight, hence limiting the preparations concering the lighting of the machines, and allowing the crews that encounter mechanical problems to repair their bikes and participate at the second round.

A unique meeting that will also serve as a life-size test for the future technical regulations of the European Classic Series version 2.0. The ideal opportunity to become familiar with a formula where conviviality always wins over competitiveness ...