It was down to the final round before the eventual winners of the first event of the European Classic Series 2014, held on the Paul Ricard Le Castellet circuit on 5th April were made known.

Merely a few days before the start of the second edition of the European Classic Series, anxiousness has taken over the small world of endurance. This for several reasons.

When Paul Ricard, the boss of the company that produces the famous anise-flavoured liquor, decided to create a track at Le Castellet, in the town Signes where he was mayor, he never imagined that this track would become one of the places to be in the modern history of motorcycle endurance.

Little by little, the 2014 season of the European Classic Series is being shaped. In the beginning of January we received the final confirmation : the ECS participants will meet on 5, 6 and 7 September on the Nürburgring track !

2013…for a première it turned out to be a major success ! So it is only normal that the European Classic Series will continue in 2014. The experience of the first season has allowed the promoter to get a better view on the expectations of the participants hence a few adjustments were made to the formula.


European Classic Series : Back to the future !

Victory of the Triumph 750 « Slippery Sam » at the last Bol d’Or on the track of Montlhéry (Team Smart / Dickie) in 1970, triumph for the Kawasaki 1000 of the mythical tandem Godier-Genoud at the Bol d’Or of 1974 and 1975 on the track of Le Mans, victory at the same race in 1977 of a monster of a bike, the Honda 1000 RCB, with another famous endurance team: Christian Léon and Jean-Claude Chemarin.

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