The 3rd round of the European Classic Series, which took place last weekend on the Nürburgring track was filled with overtakings and re-launched the Maxi Classic championship.

The third of 4 rounds in the European Classic Series will take place on 5, 6 and 7 September on the Nürburgring track in the framework of the Moto Bike Festival, a 100% race weekend.

The start was given on a wet track with just a few rays of sunshine but it didn't take too long before it started raining again for the biggest part of the 4 Hours of Spa Classic that took off on Saturday at 20h on the track of Francorchamps.


The track is still wet but the sun has made a slight appearance just before the start of the 4 Hours. During the warm up lap, the Kawasaki Martin from Team 85 (Fournier/Müllender) is immobilized at post 28.

Unanimously approved since more than 160 years for the quality of their products and their capacity for innovation, Motul is also renown as a specialist of synthetic lubricants.


European Classic Series : Back to the future !

Victory of the Triumph 750 « Slippery Sam » at the last Bol d’Or on the track of Montlhéry (Team Smart / Dickie) in 1970, triumph for the Kawasaki 1000 of the mythical tandem Godier-Genoud at the Bol d’Or of 1974 and 1975 on the track of Le Mans, victory at the same race in 1977 of a monster of a bike, the Honda 1000 RCB, with another famous endurance team: Christian Léon and Jean-Claude Chemarin.

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